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Navient is one of the largest student loan servicers in the US. Learn more about the lawsuit against Navient and their attempts to mislead their customers. All Navient customers qualify for loan forgiveness, don't let Navient tell you otherwise.

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Student loan forgiveness programs have been around since George W. Bush was in the White House and the Obama administration made some improvements to the stimulus programs. There are forgiveness programs for just about every situation and as you can imagine they benefit the borrower, not the student loan servicer. Borrowers can lower or completely eliminate student loan payments in most cases and have their balance forgiven by the Department of Education.

You can see why companies like Navient steer student loan borrowers into deferment and forbearance and tell customers they don’t have the right type of loan to get forgiven. They stand to make a lot more money over the life of the loan. We are dedicated to helping those in need of student debt relief find the right solution without the misdirection of their loan company or a collections agency.

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There are a lot of other student loan forgiveness options for many situations.

How Do I Get Navient Student Loan Forgiveness?

Determining the program that suits your situation the best and gets your loans forgiven with the least amount of money out of pocket can be a bit tricky. Some programs can have your entire balance forgiven upon approval by the DOE, such as the Disability Discharge program while others can take 25 years for forgiveness. Even if you do qualify for an immediate discharge of your loan, approval of your application won’t be instantaneous. The Department of Education is so backed up with work that it can take up to a year for them to even review your application. 

For this reason, no matter which program you are applying to, you should enroll into an Income Driven Repayment program as a first step. As mentioned in the videos, this program led to the Navient lawsuits because they save borrowers the most money above all other repayment options.



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What is an Income Driven Repayment Program?

We’re all familiar with how traditional loans work but income driven programs are new territory for most of us. Typically, a financial institution will assess the risk of lending to a borrower and give them an interest rate based on that risk. The monthly loan payments are then calculated using the loan amount and interest rate.

What if you didn’t get the job you expected to get when you graduated college? What if you aren’t making enough to cover your living expenses and student loan payments? Should you be penalized with a low credit score for wanting a higher level of education?

A large percentage of Americans are finding themselves in this same situation. So many that the government had to implement income driven repayment plans that were based on a person’s income and not the loan amount borrowed. An income driven program considers how much a borrower makes annually and uses a standard formula to calculate how much of that money is used for living expenses based on the number of people the borrower supports financially. 

This new way of calculating payments helps make them way more affordable to the borrower. Many people that have applied to the program qualify for a zero dollar monthly payment. Applicants for forgiveness are required to certify their income annually. As income fluctuates up and down payments are recalculated to reflect the borrower’s current income. This keeps payments manageable and well within budget.

Of course with a payment of only a few dollars per month you’ll never pay off thousands of dollars in student loans. That’s where forgiveness comes into play. The government will pay the rest of your balance after you’ve made your agreed upon payments. No negative impact on your credit score, it gets marked as “paid as agreed” and not a debt settlement.